Trump’s Operation Warp Speed is trying to get COVID-19 vaccine produced by the end of the year

Experimental vaccine bearing the nontraditional mRNA label
(Sakchai Lalit / Associated Press)

Operation Warp Speed is the Trump administration’s push for COVID-19 vaccine production by the January 2021. Many experts say that the operation is implying an unreasonable speed for vaccine production. However, they’re still making progress nonetheless.

About the operation

Universities, officials, companies, and the military are being urged to work together. This is a daunting task and cooperation – be it amongst themselves or with others – is neccessary. This task calls for mass production of supplies and intense transportation efforts.

The program has given out $2.16 billion to companies with vaccine candidate frontrunners.

According to Dr. Gregory Poland, the rare (and sometimes very harmful) side effects of many vaccines are unknown until they’re put into broad use. Trump’s goals to reopen the economy through a vaccine frightens some experts such as Poland as they claim vaccines shouldn’t be rushed.

Emergent BioSolutions

Manufacturing organization Emergent Biosolutions have announced a partnership with Operation Warp Speed. This will assist COVID-19 vaccine candidates for mass distribution through 2021. The investment, worth $628 million, will be useful to the ambitious goal Warp Speed has.

Soon-Shiong’s candidate

Trump’s operation is monitoring 14 frontrunning candidates of the coronavirus vaccine. Billionaire scientist Patrick Soon-Shiong announced that a vaccine made by two of his companies are on the list. Despite this, the Department of Health and Human Services hasn’t said a thing about this claim. They’ve publicly announced the financial support for Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca among more. Soon-Shiong has reported Warp Speed is using a federal lab to soon test his vaccine on monkeys.

The companies in question – NantKwest and ImmunityBio – have not published any data on their research or the vaccine itself. The World Health Organization has been keeping a table of COVID-19 companies. With 125 candidates on it, Soon-Shiong’s companies aren’t there. He claims that they’ve been working in secret.

Soon-Shiong says he is seeking permission from the Food and Drug Administration to begin human trials sometime in June. The first phase will consist of eight specifically chosen and qualified individuals.

With all the crazy stuff going on in the world right now (especially in the states), it’s comforting to know that vaccine production is still headstrong.

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