Moderna CEO: Coronavirus vaccine will be ready for distribution in 2021

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel
Source: Moderna Therapeutics

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel has said that there was a high probability that the company’s coronavirus vaccine could reach the distribution stage in 2021.

The vaccine, named mRNA 1273, has been leading the world’s race to be first on the market. Moderna has been going for the gold. They’ve invested so many resources and are using an unconventional type of vaccine for this virus. RNA vaccines have never been put on the market before, but Moderna thinks they can be the first.

Phase 3 Trials

The Food and Drug Administration has given Moderna the green light to be put on fast track designation fast track designation. This is allowing them to go through the testing process a bit faster.

Vaccine testing is broken into phases, with each phase introducing more volunteers after analyzing the previous results. Moderna has announced that they are slated to begin Phase 3 trials on June 27th in Laredo, Texas. The trials will take place across the nation in July with 30,000 participants.

Bancel has said, “We are very, very interested in knowing as much as we can about this vaccine and to ensure it is safe,” along with that efficacy data should be here by Thanksgiving. These ambitious plans have all been made with the complete data from Phase 1 not even being concluded yet. As Moderna officials say however, data was found to be promising enough for them to carry on. Bancel said there’s an 80%-90% success rate for this vaccine to be approved. This is so much more than the typical 1 in 3 chance of a vaccine getting approved.

How they’re going to do it

This is Moderna’s tenth vaccine put into human trials. Moderna says this is the most advanced vaccine they’ve made yet. Another reason why the 2021 claim seems realistic is that they manufacture their own supplies. RNA-based vaccines like this one are also easier and quicker to produce than traditional ones.

Moderna has been shaking the medical world for years now, and it seems likely their biggest shock will indeed come in 2021.

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