Johnson & Johnson picking up the pace on developing coronavirus vaccine

Johnson & Johnson

American medicine company Johnson & Johnson have announced new plans for testing their version of the coronavirus vaccine.

Johnson & Johnson, a member of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine prospects, have revised their plans on testing their vaccine. Vaccine testing is broken up into phases to evaluate the results and make modifications. Initially, the company intended to begin testing in September. They announced that they will combine phases 1 and 2a. Phase 1/2a will begin in late July. They are discussing matters with the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to begin Phase 3 testing sooner than expected.

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed consists of five government supported companies. These companies are the front-runners in the race to produce a coronavirus vaccine. If Johnson & Johnson can start Phase 3 testing sooner, then they, along with four other companies, will all be in Phase 3 testing at once. This means 150,000 individuals will be walking around with the vaccine inside of them, hopefully in summer. Each company gets about 30,000 volunteers.

The testing will take place in the U.S and Belgium. 1045 healthy adults will be tested. The typical age group of 18 to 55 year olds will be tested along with those aged 65 and older.

Johnson & Johnson are making efforts to reach manufacturing demands.

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