Chinese military approved for coronavirus vaccine use

China approved a coronavirus vaccine for military use. The vaccine is not yet available to the general public and will be used in the military for a year.
Chinese military will be first in the world to use experimental coronavirus vaccine.
Photo: AFP

On June 25th, China’s Central Military Commission approved the use of CanSino Biologic’s coronavirus vaccine for the army.

The vaccine, named Ad5-nCoV, is 1 of 8 Chinese vaccines approved for human trials. It is amongst 16 others worldwide in human testing, according to the World Health Organization. CanSino Biologics developed it alongside the research institute at the Academy of Military Science (AMS).

Breaking up vaccine testing into phases helps scientists modify and analyze it. CanSino has finished 2 out of 3 phases. The final phase of human trials won approval for testing in Canada. It still needs to undergo testing, which will start soon. Furthermore, Phase 2 concluded on June 11 with no data published yet. The vaccine can’t be used on the general public until Phase 3 is over. Because of this, Chinese officials may approve some vaccines for emergency use. This means that it’d be used on individuals who are high-risk.

The army has approval to use CanSino’s coronavirus shot for a year. In an email to Reuter’s, CanSino didn’t disclose whether it is optional or mandatory.

CanSino is a part of a multi-company race to have the first coronavirus vaccine. However, many of them will be necessary in order to meet demand.

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