Chinese coronavirus vaccine entering final phase of human testing

Many companies around the globe are trying to find a vaccine.  A Chinese coronavirus vaccine developer is testing in the UAE.

A Chinese-owned developer’s coronavirus vaccine is entering the final stages of human testing. This means that it has the potential to get on the market soon. The China National Biotec Group (CNBG) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced the collaboration on Tuesday.

Vaccines go through phases of human testing in order to analyze safety and effectiveness. There are three phases. Phase 3 trials are happening in the UAE, after being approved by the UAE Ministry of Health. Phase 2 trials recently proved that the vaccine was safe and produced high levels of antibodies.

Many Chinese developers are looking for countries overseas to test their vaccines. This is because of the dwindling number of coronavirus infections in China. CanSino Biologics and Sinovac Biotech are conducting research in Canada and Brazil, respectively. This is because these final trials require thousands of participants.

CNBG is partnering with G42 to conduct the trial and manage local distribution. CNBG is the first Chinese coronavirus vaccine developer to enter the last stretch in the path to approval. Oxford and AstraZeneca’s vaccine was the first worldwide.

China has reported 83k coronavirus infections and 4,000 deaths.

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